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Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)

Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)
This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 18 March 2017.
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  • Material: Cordura 1000D
  • Color: EMP, Black, Multicam, ATAGS-FG
  • Manufactured by: ANA (Ana Tactical)
Описание товара
Lightweight body armor MOLLE from company ANA. Construction consists of chest and back panels, poasi removable pads (modules). The front panel is equipped with 3 integrated arms pouches and has 3 rows of MOLLE-sling. The rear panel has a secret compartment for the installation of the drinking system, and on the outside also stitched MOLLE-straps. Modularity (the ability to remove if necessary) overlays helps minimize the weight of the armor when maximum mobility without sacrificing safety features. Thought out mounting system removable lining fully eliminates the possibility of inadvertent disconnection. Inside chest and back panels feature compartments for the installation of armor plates SAPI / ESAPI and their analogues. The size of the compartments 27х32 see Chest panel features 1 integrated administrative pouch for documents. The front and back of vest sewn Velcro-Velcro for attaching patches and insignia. The belt loops on the sides of the vest and shoulder straps serve to organize tube drinking system or wires. The vest is made in a universal size. Due to the custom lengths of the shoulder belts can be adjusted to almost any shape (checked compatibility on the sizes from 48 to 60). The vest is made from 100% nylon Cordura® 1000D, extremely resistant to abrasion and loads of "breaking".
  • Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)
  • Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)
  • Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)
  • Body armour cover Molle M2 ANA (Ana Tactical)
Customer reviews:
  • 5 of 5 stars! Author: sean collins | 21.09.2018
    great carrier but a few things to consider. if you are running heavy level four plates you might need to sew them in or put snaps on, the Velcro is good but slim and might not hold level 4s long term in action. level 3a plates might be fine I used both in this vest mostly 3as and the 3as seemed to be fine. the pouch in the front will only hold ar mags or ak74 mags I think, my larger sks mags did not fit well, but if you take out/cut the dividers they will. my glock and sig pistol fit perfectly in the mag slot if you like to run your plate carrier that way, many awesome extra features on this vest like extra slots etc., I love though it is a compact like some others mention, but I like it alot and its now my main go to vest. plates were snug but fit fine. good camo too for the forest. highly recommend
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